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Three ways to join or pay dues!

Membership Dues - $25 per year

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Print and mail

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The East Coast Camaro Club is a proud member of:

Membership Eligibility: Open to anyone with an interest in Camaros and includes all members of that household.


Purpose: The purpose of the East Coast Camaro Club is to provide a car club for any and all Camaro enthusiasts who desire the opportunity to participate in events and activities within a group of people who share a common interest and pride in Camaros. Also, the East Coast Camaro Club, Inc. takes pride in promoting and encouraging charitable giving and supports various charitable organizations.


Membership: Club dues are payable upon joining and renewed annually on the date you joined. Members will receive the following membership Package:

Membership card, one free club T-shirt (per membership), club decal, club key ring, a copy of the club by-laws, newsletters, when published,  which you will receive by mail and access to the latest news and happenings on our ad free website! New Members are encouraged to pick up their Membership Packages at the meetings, otherwise a small shipping charge will be added if other arrangements cannot be made.


Club Activities: Car shows, dances, cruisin, parades, movies, picnics, camping, rallies, softball, fundraisers, over night trips, parties, day trips, monthly meetings, car wash, caravanning, get-togethers with other clubs, etc... The ECCC can help you build and learn about your car. It can also introduce you to a whole new group of friends. We urge you to attend an event or meeting. Once you try it, we're sure you'll come back for more!!!!!


Club History: In July of 1979, a Camaro rally was held at Pawtuckaway State Park in NH. With 150 Camaros participating. In September of 1979 several of those Camaro owners got together, held a meeting to start a club, elected officers and gave the club it's name, The East Coast Camaro Club. Since then , the club has experienced continued strong growth and organization. Members have had the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities while enjoying other club benefits such as club discounts, access to information and friendships.

What started out as one persons idea of a day Camaroing has grown to be the largest independent Camaro club in the Northeast! We are a proud and nationally know club: 



Meetings: Held every third Sunday of each month, unless otherwise noted on the website and newsletter.

Discount Program: World Wide Camaro Club (WWCC) and Eklers have launched a new rebate program for charter clubs. The East Coast Camaro Club is a charter member of WWCC and is such entitled to benefit from this rebate program.

Here's how it works:

First, Eklers will price match any product you see that they carry (excluding Summit and Jegs). Next, by providing Eklers (WWCC) with a copy of our membership roster they will create a database of our members . At the end of the year our club will receive as rebate check based on a percentage of the sales. We can also save more money by consolidating purchases and having the Mass state Rep place the order for which he receives special pricing. Please rest assured that Eklers and WWCC ARE NOT in the business of selling lists of names and your privacy will be protected. However, it is your choice whether or not to participate in this program.

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